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West Los Angeles is the primary area of service for our Dog Obedience
Training School,
Puppy Kindergarten Training Classes,
Private Lessons,
Behavior Modification

We offer our dog training and puppy training services throughout the
Los Angeles area from San Fernando Valley to South Bay.

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Celebrity Clients

If you are a dog trainer worth his or her salt and live in Los Angeles, inevitably you have celebrity clients. Many of my clients have been actors, writers, directors, and producers. Because I respect their privacy, I don't advertise their names except for the ones who have been kind enough to write some of the testimonials that appear here.




I have a German Shepherd who is 1 1/2 years old. We were attacked on one of our walks by a stray dog and My dog started to show agressive behavior to other dogs. I have become very skeptical about dog trainers. When my dog was a puppy, I tried training at Pet Smart. This was a total waste of time and money. I tried a very expensive trainer who I didn't feel I learned much from at all. And I read tons of books and watched hours of Dog Whisperer. I found Caryl Wolff on the internet and liked her website. I decided to try her as a last resort. She is not cheap, but I always feel you get what you pay for and my dog is worth it.

I must admit I had a bit of a closed mind at first since I was warned by friends and family that I might be ripped off. But I must admit that within the first 15 minutes I learned more than I had in all the books I read or all the dog whisperer shows I've seen.

Read more of Shawnet's testimonial here.



My dog and I just completed six hours of private lessons with Caryl and we are both very happy with our training experience. As part of the package, we also get to attend a set of group classes which will only reinforce what we learned during our private sessions.

Read more of Debbie's dog training testimonial with her dog Max.


You continue to impress us, as we are not easily impressed. You exceeded our expectations yesterday, and we want to thank you. Today Dexter has been calm, attentive, and seems to be excepting our new training tools with ease.

Read more of Kristen's testimonial and see a photo of her dog Dexter. *************

I'm not sure where I would have even begun without Caryl! After a week with my 10 week old American Eskimo puppy Lady, I realized she wasn't quite the little angel that she looked like.

Read more of Samantha's testimonial and see a photo of her and her dog Lady.************

Happy Holidays! Hope all is well with you.
I hope you remember me, my mother and Schatzi. We are still very much enjoying Schatzi and my mother is in full control of her - thanks to you. I rave about you to all of my friends with dogs.

I have a friend who just got a puppy. I immediately told him about you. He will probably contact you very soon.
All the best,
Stephanie *************

When I adopted Penny from an animal rescue, she was almost perfect. Like many shelter dogs, she had severe separation anxiety and would bark loudly and chew things up all day when left alone. I thought crating her might make her feel more secure, but after a few days of crating, I came home and found her with a bloody gash on the side of her face. She had tried to chew her way out and cut herself on the metal bars. I never crated her again.

Read more about Naeun's testimonial and her dog Penny. *************

Hi Caryl,
Thank you so much for coming to my house last month and helping us work with See Ew's “attitude problems”. Since having you come over and establishing some new house rules we have seen a huge difference in the way See Ew acts/behaves around us and around other people.

Read more about Jacqui's testimonial about her dog See Ew.*************

Caryl Wolff is THE go to person for dog training! Through her Doggie Manners classes she educates dog owners about canine behavior while getting to know their dogs. Caryl is knowledgeable, patient, reliable and funny.

Read more about Cathy Frank's testimonial about her Husky. *************

Hi Caryl -
I just wanted to take a moment to properly thank you. Before you came to my rescue, I was at my wit's end. My darling little fluff ball of a puppy was turning in to a huge fluffy beast with really big teeth and a propensity to use them.

Read more about Elizabeth Bergman's testimonial about her dog Ember. *************

About just under 8 years ago, you came to my condo on Ocean Blvd in Long Beach and helped me with my new dog, Gustav (Gus). It was a truly a new world thereafter. He was so obedient and well behaved. We became best friends. I have thanked you many times over and regularly recommend you to people. Thank you!! Regrettably Gus had a sudden, tragic heart condition...

Read more about Al Barilla's heartrenching testimonial about his dog Gus. *************

Caryl is either a full-fledged GENIUS….or a dog in people’s clothing!  Ella, my sweet Boxer rescue, was so obstreperous that I thought I’d have to find another home for her.  In desperation, I contacted Caryl.  In ONE SESSION, Caryl taught ME how to communicate with and handle my monster.  Ella is becoming a wonderful, well-behaved dog….and she is obviously enjoying our training sessions.  I am very excited and plan to continue with our work.
Edy Bronston*************

My Samoyed, Panda, came into my home around four months old and was the perfect fluffy little angel as long as I was around.  But when I left to go to work or go out with friends, she would bark, whine and howl away. 

Read more about John's testimonial about his dog Panda.  *************

Hi Caryl,
I just wanted you to know that something you taught during the class really helped with a problem I have been unable to solve. When I walk my dogs together - or even one of them alone - and one of them sees another dog walking on the other side of the street, she goes nuts

Read more of Denise LaChance's testimonial about her dogs. *************

I came to Caryl with a list of specific issues I was having with my 7 month old standard poodle, Penny. Top of the list was that Penny be comfortable with me in a café setting where I could have coffee or a bite to eat. I had given Penny some early training lessons and she knew the basics of stay, sit, come.

Read more about Maureen Horn's testimonial about her dog Penny. *************

We've had dramatic improvement in the dogs' demeanor accompanied by a marked decrease in the tensions arising from cohabitation. Your methods have worked very well for us. We're considering cutting their Reconcile dosage in half with an eye to stopping the medication completely.
James K., Los Angeles *************

Dear Caryl,
Thank you for the great work you did with Tiger and our family. Before you came to us, we knew Tiger was a great dog but didn't know how to communicate with her. You gave us real insight into what makes her tick and what to do to make her respond the way we wanted. The lessons on teaching her who was in control were particularly valuable. We now have a great foundation on which to build our lifelong relationship with our beloved dog.
Thanks again,
Sandra Hsu

I cannot recommend Caryl Wolff highly enough!

I was shocked at how remarkably easy her training methods were, especially compared to the standard "choke-chain" collar method. Having once attempted to train a dog with the choke-chain, I can recall having to invest at least 45-60 minutes a day. With Caryl's approach, you spend a fraction of that time - and you actually have fun with your dog as opposed to admonising and forcing commands.

Read more of David Walsh's and Kris Paden's testimonial about their dog *************

Thank you so very much for your help and the printed material. Joy and I are doing so much better. (whew!) You were very kind and I really appreciate it.
Sincerely, Hazel G*************

Dear Caryl:
Thank you for allowing Max and I to be part of your Doggie Manners obedience class. Your knowledge, instruction and insight were most helpful, and working with the class in the form of a distraction was a godsend. I'm looking forward to more fun and training with your Agility class as well.
Best of luck and continuing success,
Lori Zerweck & Max*************

Dear Caryl,
We just wanted to write you and let you know how well Chloe is doing, Because of you, Chloe has become the perfect pet! Every chance we get, we tell people how you have helped us to know and understand our Chloe. Just last night, our friends came over with their Rottweiler, and to say the least, their dog was out of control. They asked us how our dog was so well behaved, and we told them about our training with you. They were very impressed. (They had spent almost one thousand dollars on their dog's training.) I told them to call you and hope that they do.

Read more of Aaron and Agatha's testimonial about their dog Chloe *************

I would like to recommend Caryl Wolff. We found her by serendipitous accident and would like to make it easier for others be be in contact with her. What a transition in our 5 yr old rescue dog, Esme. I fear we would not have been able to keep Esme if not for the interventions Caryl taught us.

Read more of Helen Bengston's and Vicki Capt's testimonial about their dog Esma *************

I would like to make a recommendation for Caryl Wolff as an excellent Los Angeles dog trainer. Her service was convenient as she came to (both) of my house(s). I had just moved to LA and my dog had had obedience but felt she deserved more training (for both of us to communicate better). She's a Newfoundland and already matching me in weight, so I wanted a well behaved dog that I could manage and to do it in a way that made sense for both of us.

Read more of Molly Reilly's testimonial about her dog Banshee *************

Hi Caryl,
Zoe is doing great. She still is skittish around men she doesn't know and is still scared of garbage trucks. But she has gotten real social. We go to the dog park off of Mulholland every Sunday and she KNOWS when & where we're going! She has a lot of "friends" in the neighborhood, to boot.

I hope you have had a great holiday season & wish you a happy and healthy new year!
Rob Bergstein *************

Dear Caryl,
Thank you so much formy certificate of completion for my doggie training I enjoyed working with you and will tell all my doggie buddies about you.
I am also enjoying my new dog food from Flint River Ranch -- I'm eating much better now.
Maybe I'll get to see you again sometimes.
Sam *************

Dear Caryl,
Thank you so much for the excellent training classes for our shih tzu Owen. We have definitely seen improvements in his behavior, and truly value all that you have taught us.
All the best,
Natasha & Keven (& Owen!) *************

Dear Caryl,
Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone. I found it very valuable. I am doing as you suggested with my two dogs, and it seems to diffuse the tension.

Read more of Rich's testimonial about his dogs *************

Thank you so much for taking the time to come all the way to Woodland Hills, CA to work with Teddy, when actually you were really working to train us rather than our dog! LOL.

Read more of Sharon Goldberg's and her dog Teddy's testimonial*************

Dear Caryl,
A note to thank you for the terrific class Dollie and I took with you. What made it so pleasant was that not only did everything make sense, but you were flexible to accommodate both of our needs and lack of skill on my part.

Read more of Hollis's and her dog Dollie's testimonial *************

I have been so pleased with the results from meeting with you and following your simple instructions. Kit's nuisance barking has been reduced by 95%. In less than two weeks, ....she has almost stopped barking at noises that previously made her react; she occasionally gives one relatively quiet little "woof," rather than a barrage of high-pitched barks. It has made me much calmer, my neighbors happier, and I believe Kit is calmer too. I look forward to continuing to learn more from you about being a better dog guardian. Thank you again!
April Hagerty and Kit

Read more of April Hagerty's and her dog Kit's testimonial. *************

As we come to the end of our lessons, I really cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Moose and me!

The gut wrenching whimpering and door scratching separation anxiety she went through each time I left the house has morphed into 1 or 2 little yelps, perhaps a slight whimper, but she handles my absences nicely now.
Barbara & Moose

Read more of Barbara's and her dog Moose's testimonial. *************

Hi Caryl,
I want to thank you for your help in housebreaking our 5 month old cocker poodle puppy! We called you in frustration when, two months after her adoption,  Rosie continued to have 3-5 accidents a day and was waking me up three times a night to go outdoors to relieve herself - and then, not always doing so.  My husband had broken his ankle slipping in a puddle left by the puppy on our tile floor, and I was exhausted and sleep deprived.
Debbie and Mike Thornhil

Read more of Debbie & Mike Thornhill's testimonial. *************

I think every dog owner should do a class with Caryl and her Doggie Manners company. There are so many ways that dogs can learn and be better companions through clarity of communication between owner/ guardian and dog.

Read more of Chris Elia's testimonial. *************

I want to thank you again (and again and again) for helping me to expand my canine consciousness. People comment on Finny's good behavior all the time, which is nice, but what really matters to me is his comfort and how relates to the world.

Read more of Michelle Solotar's and her dog Finny's testimonial. *************

Dear Caryl,
Lola is a new girl these days. Everyone who knew her when she had just come into my life comments on her wonderfully increased confidence. I’m sure her success in class and her ongoing at-home follow-up
lessons are making all the difference. Thank you!
Elisabeth DesMarais*************

I just wanted you to know that after applying your rules to my walk with BABE, she is FINALLY changing her behavior. I always knew she was a lovely soul and just had 'issues'. I think she is finally feeling secure that I won't be abandoning her.
Pamela Godwin-Austen*************

Mary and I had such a wonderful time working with our 1 1/2 year old boxer in your Dog Obedience Class. We have a mountain home with over six acres at her disposal, filled with incredible puppy smells and adventures. With no fences and a national forest behind us, our concern for her safety forced us to find expert advice after we watched her disappear into the forest , not responding to our calls to come. We decided to call you.

Read more of Irene's testimonial.*************

As a first time dog owner, it is a little overwhelming trying to figure out how you're going to get your energetic adolescent 70 pound dog to do what you want him to do. Caryl utilizes excellent teaching methods which are absolutely effective.

Read more of Peter and Angela's testimonial.*************

Caryl's training tactics worked very well for our dog, Ruston. Going through training together definitely helped strengthen our relationship with him. Caryl made us better trainers and owners as well as helping Ruston be a better behaved dog.

Read more of Jeremy and Nancy Martin's and their dog Ruston's testimonial.*************

I am so thankful for Caryl and her teaching methods! I rescued Brody, a timid 1 year old Boxer dog last year, and he lacked any semblance of confidence and did not know any commands. I found several "traditional" obedience group classes, picked one and signed up. At our first class, Brody had the traditional choke chain around his neck and we were heeling around in a circle with 30 other dogs. I was constantly being told to "correct" him by yanking on the leash, and after the third or fourth yank Brody just laid down on the grass showing me his belly with a terrified look on his face. We never returned to that class after that, although Brody was still timid and didn't know one single command. I tried one other obedience class that used the traditional AKC methods, and Brody responded in the same fashion as the first class.

Read more of Joy Manning's her dog Brody's testimonial.*************

Again, THANK YOU for everything! It is amazing to see such a huge transformation in Lucy in just 5 weeks! I never thought a pug would take treats only by command... I am now able to place the treats directly in front of her on the ground and by saying "leave it" she will wait calmly in the lay down position until I give her the command to "take it" - very impressive! This is only one example of the many obedience lessons that she has picked up on since your class and it has been so exciting to watch her grow and learn!

Read more of Maggie Fox's testimonial.*************

My dog Kikyo is a loving companion, and playmate to her sister dog Sunny. But she has been a handful, particularly using her body like a battering ram and knocking me down several times, the last really hurting my knees. Although Kikyo had participated in dog training about a year ago, I didn't feel that her alpha dog personality was being addressed.

Read more of Camille's and her dog Kikyo's testimonial.*************

Great training using positive reinforcement and emphasizing the importance of how dogs communicate.
Jay R Aguda *************

Caryl is a fantastic trainer of both dogs and owners. She is very knowledgeable and invested in the welfare of your entire household. I recommend her to everyone!
Jessica T *************

I would like to thank you for your friendliness and professionalism and, most important, for taking the time to answer every question I had.

Read more of E. Zuniga's testimonial.*************

I attribute Caryl for giving me the confidence and tools to become a better dog owner and therefore making my Dalmatian Dot a happier dog.

Kim Cattrall*************

We were quite impressed by the helpful tips you gave us. I’m also really glad you reminded me that continual positive reinforcement is a very important part of training and obedience. I was tending to focus more on reprimands but praise seems to be the best way to stop problems before they begin. I am seeing a marked improvement after only one day and in all areas. Dex & I are really looking forward to puppy kindergarten and the obedience classes to follow.
Jet Carole & Dexter*************

Caryl Wolff is a superb trainer, whose pets wonderfully bridge the gap between working dogs and household buddies.

Chelsea, Chadwick, and Channin are but three examples of Caryl’s superior training abilities. TLC and continuing efforts on her part keep these animals on a high level with their working skills. We are happy to continue to recommend her to our clients.
Stephen J. Ettinger, DVM*************

I am working with Caryl now at Doggie Manners. I have a 2 year old black lab that was a rescue with some real issues.
Nancy Miles *************

I wanted to thank you for helping me make so much progress in such a short time with Maxwell. Maxwell is a high energy rescue dog, a Pomeranian. He went from being extremely scared of everything, so scared that he’d jump into my arms when walking by other dogs. Then he became “protective”, he’d bark at everything…almost charging at whomever or whatever we walked by trying to indicate that no one or nothing should get near me. He also had a severe case of separation anxiety. Needless to say I needed some help with Maxwell.

Read more of Christina's and her dog Maxwell's testimonial.*************

We love their training. Very professional.
Gracia Berry *************

Caryl gives excellent and simplified instruction with love and firmness. My Dog responded immediately to her effective training skills.
Vicky Geros *************

Just a quick note to thank you for your great work with my baby boxer Billie Holiday. I realize we've only had two lessons, but I just can't wait to finish puppy training and move on to the next course! We've both become devotees.

Read more of Liz Harper's and her dog Billie Holiday's testimonial.*************

Our Corgi Dexter had a fear aggression problem and Caryl showed us how to see things from his perspective and work with him.
Elliott Grumer*************

Just wanted to write a note telling you about our labradoodle, Sadie Hawkins, that you helped me learn how to train.First, I need to explain that I had never considered hiring a private trainer for a dog - but we were facing a problem that needed solving - and had an unusual lifestyle between our farm and LA. We simply were not in one place long enough to enroll in dog training classes - which would, from a financial viewpoint, been my first choice.

Read more of Anne Lohmann's and her dog Sadie Hawkin's testimonial.*************

Doggie Manners was very fun and helpful for me and Honda!
Sandra *************

She is consistent in form, structure and follow thru... giving the foundation for a good trainer.
drbob *************

Just wanted to thank you again for your great help in giving us the right direction in helping our dog, Sandy, recover from her recent malaise. As you correctly suggested, it did turn out to be a thyroid problem; and as you correctly predicted, after treatment, she became a completely different dog, behaving like an energetic, healthy puppy like she used to be. It is not an exaggeration to say she has been given back her life.

Read more of Bob Weiss's and his dog Sandy's testimonial.*************

Caryl is the female dog whisperer...so patient and intelligent and dogs naturally listen to her.
Ann *************

Caryl trained my two King Charles spaniels in 2005 and since then, there have been no problems and she has been there by phone and email. I have never felt so comfortable with a trainer in all the years I have owned dogs.
Nathan Friedman*************

Caryl is patient and is prepared during her classes. Her classes are very well structured, with a variety of activities that keep everybody, both dog and human, on their toes. She's a great trainer!

Read more of Darrell Orme Mann's testimonial.*************

I recommend Caryl Wolff so highly. Her dog training is so insightful, delightful and so revealing of true understanding from the dog's point of view. I have trained several dogs the old rough-handling way and I now know that it is much more fun to shape behavior WITH the animal. You get to be the calm leader instead of the tyrant, and your buddy respects you instead of fearing you.
Laura McCormac *************

invaluable pre-puppy info
Heather *************

When we met Caryl Wolff, we were the proud owners of an enthusiastic and willful Great Dane puppy by the name of Charlee. Our most pressing concern with Charlee was her endless pulling/dragging during walks. As the pup wasn't getting any smaller, time was of the essence.

Read more of Stephanie and Lee Caldwell's and their dog Charlee's testimonial.*************

Caryl is an excellent dog trainer with realistic expectations and offers many tips and tricks for training. Thank you Caryl!
Dave *************

We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for you and your class. We had read the basics of dog training and thought that would be enough. Unfortunately, our charming little pug (who thought he was king of the world) disagreed and proceeded to do whatever he wanted. This destructiveness led to us having to confine him to a small area whenever we were gone. Needless to say, that didn’t make for a very happy dog while we were gone.

Read more of Bill and Bernadette's testimonial.*************

Caryl understands and loves dogs. She is very patient and in my estimation is the best trainer!
Judy Pritchard*************

Eve and I would like to thank you for the behavioral progress our dog, Paisano, has made since we began taking him to your classes in July. Prior to your course, Paisano had developed some very serious behavioral problems which included not only “uncontrollable” barking, but also aggression. He bit my wife several times daily when she would try to remove him from our bed, and he bit me many times as well when I would intercede to try and mitigate his violent tendencies.

Read more of Ken and Eve Ross's and their dog Paisano's testimonial.

Caryl was able to do wonders for our dog Penny. She had severe separation anxiety, and was able to help us better understand Penny's issues and also to help us make the changes necessary to turn her into a great part of our family!
Diana ************

As manager of the spcaLA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) PetAdoption Center in Studio City, I see a great deal of animals and understand the importance of a well-trained dog of any age. A dog with even the very basics of good manners is more likely to stay in the home permanently and be an appreciated member of the family.

Read more of Jennifer Gooding's testimonial.*************

Caryl is a natural teacher and extremely patient. it's wonderful that after all those years of feeling like a failure with my other dog because of the "other" class, that I was able to feel vindicated that I did something right with my training.....because of YOU. Thank you for everything.
Barbara Jaffee*************

I wanted to write you and thank you for your help with Brianna, our Shar Pei and Great Dane mix. We were at our wit's end and did not know what we were going to do with our 75 lbs of destruction and drool.

Read more of Tiffany and Pekka's and their dog Brianna's testimonial.

Doggie Manners has improved my relationship with my dog. We are both happier and more confident because of Caryl's help.
Marla *************

I was referred to Caryl Wolff and Doggie Manners and was amazed at the results. With Caryl's guidance I was able to teach my puppy to sit, lay down, and other commands in a matter of minutes. Furthermore her techniques exercise discipline with compassion and love for dogs. When fellow dog owners approach Chester and myself, I am quick to spread the word about Doggie Manners and Caryl Wolff.
Diana Bures*************

I recently adopted a Great Dane from a rescue and from the moment I got her home knew I was in trouble. Chloe was suffering from massive separation anxiety that led to excessive barking when I left the house. I got several complaints from a neighbor that if the barking didn’t stop, animal control would get involved.

Read more of J. Horton's and his dog Chloe's testimonial.*************

Thank you so much for your help with Lulu. Your system is the only one I've encountered that allows dogs and their owners to communicate. It's not that we never run into trouble, but now we feel we have tools for dealing with most situations that arise. Instead of simply suppressing Lulu's instincts, we feel as though she's learning in her own language. Again, thank you and good luck in the future.

Read more of Robin Bartlett's and her dog Lulu's testimonial.*************

I was in over my head but Caryl saved the day! She's so insightful and clever! An excellent trainer!
Cami *************

I am really grateful that I was able to meet Caryl through a vet I just had jumped in. I think I was longing to meet someone like Caryl for such a long time. She has made my life much easier and I believe my dog’s life, too.

Read more of Ai and Yoshihide Azuma's testimonial.*************

Caryl really helped me learn how to handle my rescued dog.
Susan *************

We took Caryl's class with our new golden retriever puppy. He is now GREAT! Starting him early taught us how to handle a pet and made us realize all the little things we were overlooking. Now he really does have manners.
Chris M *************

Doggie Manners did wonders for my dog. Plus, I was able to use her technique with my older dog which was too old to learn new tricks. She did well.
Debra Black *************

I wanted to take a minute to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible transformation I have seen in Yuki’s behavior. Just after attending your first lesson, the biting, nipping, and jumping on me that was so commonplace with my young 6-month old male Samoyed ceased. Before attending your first lesson, I felt like I had a wild canine from the back country on the end of my leash. Seriously, I was ready to give the little beast back to the breeder.

Read more of Dorothy Kusaba's and her dog Yuki's testimonial.*************

Caryl is a friend as well as a confident trainer. My puppy really responded to her. She did a great job and I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting Caryl to train your animal.
Marianne Francouer*************

Dear Dr. Plechner,
Jasper & I just finished puppy school with Caryl Wolff of "Doggie Manners" this week. We found her business card at your office & decided to give her a call as Jasper was having issues...

Read more of Shellaine Corwell's and her dog Jasper's testimonial.*************

Having acquired a fearful, timid dog, I found the course we took from Caryl not only gave Chili the needed training but also gave her the confidence she needed to start overcoming her timidity and fear.
Marcia Illing*************

Caryl Wolff was able to control the constant barking of one of my dogs. She is the greatest!
Monika Driesslein *************

When looking for a dog trainer, Caryl Wolff was highly recommended, and after seeing the progress and positive change in our puppy Daisy, I am pleased to pass on that recommendation to other pet owners.

Read more of Bonnie Levine's and her dog Daisy's testimonial.*************

Our dog just loves Caryl and he learned so much from her; she has a super way with animals and she gave us so many helpful tips to practice with our dog.
Leah Mitchell *************

We brought our rescue dog Brit to Caryl's class, and Brit's submissive behavior and inattentiveness disappeared after just two days of training. Brit has now learned Sit, Stay, Stand, Down, and Watch after just three classes -- all with positive reinforcement only. We recommend Caryl and her methods
Kris and David, Santa Monica*************

Once you trained *me*, Gustav has been a new dog. We worked hard that weekend, and almost immediately his behavior changed. He is perfectly house trained. In addition, he is learning new things well whenever we decide we need to work on something else. Thanks, and best of luck*************

attentive, caring and follow through
heather huber*************

Caryl really knows her stuff!
Steven *************

The best ever!

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