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Puppy and Dog Potty Training Books and Products



Puppy and Dog Potty Training Books


I have written 3 books on puppy and dog potty training, aka house training, aka housebreaking. My Puppy Potty Training book won the gold eBook award!

Please email me and I will send  you my potty training handout at no charge.

Please note I am an Amazon affiliate and make a small commission on the items listed here.

  • Puppy Potty Training


  • Puppy and Dog Potty Training


  • Potty Training and Behavior Issues for Teacup and Small Dogs


Recommended Puppy and Dog Potty Training Products

Please note that I am not in favor of this but am including it because some clients want it. When you train your dog to ring the bell, you intend that he rings it when he has to pee or poop, but he may learn – very quickly – that it’s an easy way to get you to let him outside.

  • Leash -

  • Tether

  • Xpen - Get a taller pen than you think you need! Your dog can learn that he can scale his way up and out of the pen. And please use the door only because if he sees you bending over the top of the pen to take him out or put him back in, he realizes that he can climb out.




These are just a few tips that you learn when you read my books or take lessons from me. Trust me, there are many more where these came from. When you take lessons, you receive handouts and the pertinent book free of charge. Get started now by calling or texting (310) 804-2392 or sending an email to . 

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Disclaimer: This article is for information only. It does not replace a consultation with a dog trainer, dog behavior consultant, or veterinarian and may not be used to diagnose or treat any conditions in your dog.


If you need help with puppy or dog training, we do both private in-person and virtual lessons via Zoom. Please contact us by calling or texting (310) 804-2392 or sending an email to . We look forward to working with you.

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