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Talking Points for Puppy Potty Training

puppy potty training book caryl wolff

Why did you decide to write Puppy Potty Training?

What is puppy potty training?

When you wrote this book, did you anticipate that you would win a gold Global Ebook Award?

How can you sum up puppy potty training in two sentences?

What does FAST mean?

What do you cover in the book (a brief discussion of the Table of Contents)?

What factors do you need to consider in potty training?

When does your puppy have to go?

What are some problems you may encounter during training?

What should you do if your puppy has an accident – what should you do and what should you not do?

How does the food you feed impact potty training?

What are some training pointers to keep in mind?


Media Kit – Puppy Potty Training talking points
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