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Talking Points on My Bio

dog and puppy trainer caryl wolff with 2 dogs

How did you get started in dog training? (This is an interesting story!)

What is your background and education?

How long have you been training?

Why do you have so many certifications and what are they?

When you wrote Puppy Potty Training, did you anticipate you would win a gold Global Ebook Award the first time you entered a contest?

What is your best source for learning?

What dogs have you had?

What is the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviorist?

What is the biggest cause of dog behavior issues?

What media appearances and publications have you appeared in or written for?

Have you had any celebrity clients?

What is the most difficult case you have had to work with?

What is the most difficult client you have had?

What is the easiest case you have worked?

How should people choose a dog trainer or behavior consultant?

Why is basic obedience important?


Media Kit – Bio talking points
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