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Talking Points for Puppy Socialization

puppy socialization book caryl wolff

Why did you decide to write Puppy Socialization?

What do you cover in the book (a brief discussion of the Table of Contents)?

Who has helped or contributed to writing this book?

What are the most common socialization problems that cause dogs to end up at shelters?

What’s the difference between socialization and socializing?

What’s the difference between socialization, habituation, and environmental enrichment?

What kind of behaviors might you see if a puppy is not socialized and habituated properly?

What are sensitive periods with puppies and why are they important?

What can breeders do to help in socialization?

Why is it important to start with socialization as soon as you get your puppy?

Why do veterinarians say not to take puppies out into the real world until they have finished all their vaccines?

What is the safest way to bring your puppy to a vet’s office?

What are some excuses people have not to take their puppies outside?

What is the difference between environmental enrichment and habituation?

What are some easy environmental enrichment suggestions?

Are puppy classes good to socialize puppies?

What are fear periods?

What do you do if something startles or frightens your puppy?

What is normal vs. abnormal puppy behavior?

What is puppy license?

What is adolescence and when does it start?


Media Kit – Puppy Socialization talking points
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