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Puppy Enrichment

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Puppy Enrichment

Here are a few ways for puppy enrichment from my book Puppy Socialization – An Insider’s Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness. Check it out to discover hundreds(!) of suggestions on puppy enrichment, socialization, and habituation both for the breeder and the pet parent.


  • Hide food in boxes of all shapes and sizes.

  • Put his food in food dispensing puzzle toys.


  • Take you cushions off the sofa. Or stack them up.

  • Rearrange the chairs from your dining room table


  • Invite some puppies and dogs over for a puppy party. Make sure they are healthy, vaccinated, and like puppies.

  • Invite some people over for a puppy party. Make sure they are healthy and vaccinated – just kidding!

Novel Items

  • Give him different toys of different textures to play with.

  • Put a laundry basket on its side for him to go in and out.

In Your Yard

  • Landscaping of different heights and textures

  • Floating toys, frozen treats, or ice cubes in a wading pool that he can go diving for

Outside your Yard

  • Several years ago, I was looking through a catalogue for dog supplies and burst out laughing because there was a puppy stroller! How ridiculous. Now I don’t think it’s so ridiculous. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to introduce your puppy to many things safely.

  • Take him for a ride in the car.

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