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Reporting Urban Coyote Sightings

urban coyote


Although coyotes are not generally a threat to people, you may contact a wildlife control officer when you see one on your property or on walks. Unfortunately, officials will likely not do anything unless the coyote is aggressive. Why? Coyotes are territorialand mark their territories with urine and feces. Their territory is based on how much food is available. If a coyote is removed from its territory, then multiple coyotes will not only try to claim that now-vacant territory, but they will also mate, ultimately increasingcoyote litter sizes. Therefore, it’s up to us to make sure that there are few food resources in their territory so they will have to increase the size of their territory and spend less time in our neighborhood.

In other words, let them determine their own territories. If there is an abundant food source, their territory is smaller, they will stay in that area, and sightings will be frequent. If the food source is scarce, they will have to expand their territory to find more food and we will see them less frequently. It's up to us to limit the food resources, which is discussed in Keep your Home and Yard Safe from Urban Coyotes.

Since coyotes are normally afraid of humans (unless they are defending their young and you are too close to the nest), if the coyote gets aggressive, especially if he bites you or your dog, you should definitely report it. Here are the people to contact to Report an Urban Coyote Sighting in and around Los Angeles. There are equivalent governmental organizations in all cities.

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife at 888-334-2258 if you get bitten

  • L.A. Animal Services if you're in the City of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Animal Services if in Santa Monica, etc.

  • L.A. County and if you live in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles via their online form or by calling 626-575-5462

  • Your council member

If you get bitten by a coyote, get immediate medical attention, call 911 first. If your dog gets bitten, take him to the vet immediately.



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