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Finding Stolen Dogs – Flyers and Posters

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Finding Stolen Dogs – Flyers and Posters

REPRINT POLICY for Finding Stolen Dogs

This article is provided free as a service and may be reprinted IN PRINT ON PAPER ONLY in its entirety exactly as written with the following wording:

Copyright 2007-2021 Caryl Wolff All rights reserved. Print reproduction is granted in entirety.

I will be happy to send you a PDF file – FREE OF CHARGE – that is formatted and ready for publication in booklet form (including pagination, Table of Contents, and log sheets), so that you can print it out for distribution. Please email me at I do ask that you link to or on any Websites, newsletters, blogs, or email discussion groups.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is all the information I have. I understand that this a difficult time for you if your dog was stolen. I regret that I cannot give you any further information or cannot help find or reunite you with your dog. I welcome emails that say “thank you for your information,” but please don’t email or call me to ask for further assistance because I can’t help you any further.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I welcome any additions you may offer. Please email suggestions.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we can get to the article itself.

Your flyer should be as simple as possible – use bullet points and make it easy to read so people can read it at a glance.

Use the entire page.

  • Use Arial or Verdana fonts.

  • Use as large a font as you can and still get all the information on it.

  • Bold all fonts.

  • Use short, descriptive phrases.

  • Use upper and lower case letters in the description.

  • Put the amount of your reward on the poster. You need to motivate people who may not otherwise get involved to help you, and stating the amount of the reward will motivate them.

  • You may want to print a separate page of tearoffs with your phone number and tape it to the bottom of the flyers. Don’t put it in the flyer because it takes up too much room.

How your flyer should look

Visually, divide your flyer approximately into fifths from the top to the bottom.

The top fifth should have the following in as large letters as possible:

$amount REWARD

The next line should state in smaller letters

For Information Leading To The Return Of

Do not put your dog’s name on the flyer. It’s unnecessary and takes up room.

The next two fifths of the page should have the most recent photo of your dog that clearly shows his face and body.


The next fifth should have in bullet points

• Breed or simple description if mixed breed • Age, sex, weight • If he needs medication or vet care (optional) • Distinctive markings (optional) • Where missing and at what date and time

The last line should have your phone number with area code at the bottom of the page in a larger font. This number should be one where someone will answer at all times.

CALL (555) 555-5555

At the very bottom of your flyer, include these sentences:

This flyer will be removed when my dog is returned. Thank you.

Other flyer and poster tips

Here is an excellent link for how to make a poster

For Stolen Dog Posters

To make a poster, get a 22 x 28 fluorescent poster board.

You can use the whole poster board or cut it in half so the pieces are 11 x 14.

Since you probably will be writing this rather than printing it, PRINT CLEARLY. Make sure the letters are at least 3 inches high and thick enough to be read from 20 feet away.

  • Use permanent ink.

  • Put clear Contact paper over the poster.

  • Tape securely to the pole or fasten it by putting holes in both the top and bottom, thread wire through the holes, and then securely fasten it to the post.

  • If you include tearoffs so people can take your phone number with them, put the tearoffs at the bottom on the outside of the Contact paper.

For Stolen Dog Flyers

Here is a link for flyers

  • Put it in a sheet protector around the 8 ½ x 11 flyer with the opening at the bottom of the flyer and tape it closed so the flyer doesn’t fall out.

  • Get at least 500 flyers to start with and as many posters as you can afford.

  • Make your flyers, posters, and announcements bilingual both on Internet and locally.

  • When you hang the flyers, tape or staple them across the entire top and entire bottom so they can’t fall off or curl up. If you are going to include tearoffs so people can take your phone number with them, put the tearoffs at the bottom on the outside of the protector.


I have gotten several emails since this article was written thanking me for this information. One of them from Felisha had an additional suggestion which I think is a good one — on the poster, put “NEEDS MEDICATION TO SURVIVE,” even if it’s not true. Felisha’s dog was dropped off at a vet’s office 24 hours after the posters went up because, as she said, no one wants a sick dog!


$500 REWARD for information leading to the recovery of


  • Stolen from car at Culver City Target/Ross Center

  • Saturday, February 20, 2010, 7:00p.m.

  • Boston terrier, male

  • 4 months old and 6 pounds at time of theft

  • Microchipped


(310) 555-5555 This flyer will be removed when my dog is returned.

Thank you.

Because this article is so long, it’s broken up into sections. Just a reminder, if you email me at I will send you the entire booklet in PDF.

Thanks for visiting Finding Stolen Dogs - Flyers and Posters. I make a small commission on any products or books I recommend.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. It does not replace a consultation with a dog trainer, dog behavior consultant, or veterinarian and may not be used to diagnose or treat any conditions in your dog.

If you need help with puppy or dog training, we do both private in-person and virtual lessons via Zoom. Please contact us by calling or texting (310) 804-2392 or sending an email to . We look forward to working with you.


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