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Finding Stolen Dogs – Introduction

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Finding Stolen Dogs – Introduction

REPRINT POLICY for Finding Stolen Dogs

This article is provided free as a service and may be reprinted IN PRINT ON PAPER ONLY in its entirety exactly as written with the following wording:

Copyright 2007-2021 Caryl Wolff All rights reserved. Print reproduction is granted in entirety.

I will be happy to send you a PDF file – FREE OF CHARGE – that is formatted and ready for publication in booklet form (including pagination, Table of Contents, and log sheets), so that you can print it out for distribution. Please email me at I do ask that you link to or on any Websites, newsletters, blogs, or email discussion groups.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is all the information I have. I understand that this a difficult time for you if your dog was stolen. I regret that I cannot give you any further information or cannot help find or reunite you with your dog. I welcome emails that say “thank you for your information,” but please don’t email or call me to ask for further assistance because I can’t help you any further.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I welcome any additions you may offer. Please email suggestions.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we can get to the article itself.


I am a dog trainer and was walking my dogs one evening when I received a phone call from one of my clients whom I had just seen a few hours earlier. She had gone to a shopping center and had left her puppy in a carrier in the car with the window opened about an inch for ventilation. When she returned to the car, the dog had been stolen. She called me to ask what to do. I gave her the information I thought of at that moment and then raced home to research the Internet and my files. I discovered that there was a lot of information on what to do if a dog is lost but very little on what to do if a dog is stolen. Unfortunately, some of the procedures are very different, and the available information is in bits and pieces. I think that this information should be accessible to anyone immediately in one source to make the best use of precious time.

This article is the result of over 100 hours of research and interviews, and I have consolidated the information here so it will be accessible to anyone who wants it. A big THANK YOU to the spcaLA, the Los Angeles Animal Control, and the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force for their help.

Before this article, there was not a free comprehensive manual to find a dog that has been stolen. Here’s just one testimonial. And yes, this method does work.

Dear Caryl —

Thank you for your article. I found my dog, DELLA, 3 days after her disappearance and I had her back because I followed your instructions and I put that she needed medication to survive. Thanks again.

Veronique Lestrade Sfara

What follows is an ACTION GUIDE: things for you to do NOW, things to do IMMEDIATELY AFTER your dog is stolen, and then what to do to FOLLOW UP.

Please store the Word or PDF file in your computer and print several copies out NOW. Put them in several accessible locations because at a highly stressed time when your dog is gone, you probably will forget where it is if it’s only in one place. And if your home is burglarized and your dog is taken, there is a huge probability that your computer will be taken as well.

Because this article is so long, it’s broken up into sections. Just a reminder, if you email me at I will send you the entire booklet in PDF.

Thanks for visiting Finding Stolen Dogs - Introduction. I make a small commission on any products or books I recommend.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. It does not replace a consultation with a dog trainer, dog behavior consultant, or veterinarian and may not be used to diagnose or treat any conditions in your dog.

If you need help with puppy or dog training, we do both private in-person and virtual lessons via Zoom. Please contact us by calling or texting (310) 804-2392 or sending an email to . We look forward to working with you.


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