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Finding Stolen Dogs – Responses to your Ad

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

REPRINT POLICY for Finding Stolen Dogs

This article is provided free as a service and may be reprinted IN PRINT ON PAPER ONLY in its entirety exactly as written with the following wording:

Copyright 2007-2021 Caryl Wolff All rights reserved. Print reproduction is granted in entirety.

I will be happy to send you a PDF file – FREE OF CHARGE – that is formatted and ready for publication in booklet form (including pagination, Table of Contents, and log sheets), so that you can print it out for distribution. Please email me at I do ask that you link to or on any Websites, newsletters, blogs, or email discussion groups.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is all the information I have. I understand that this a difficult time for you if your dog was stolen. I regret that I cannot give you any further information or cannot help find or reunite you with your dog. I welcome emails that say “thank you for your information,” but please don’t email or call me to ask for further assistance because I can’t help you any further.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I welcome any additions you may offer. Please email suggestions.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we can get to the article itself.

How to Respond to Callers Regarding your Ad

You are likely to get responses to your stolen dog flyers. There are four types of people that will call you:

  • The thief

  • A witness to the theft

  • A person who has seen your dog but does not want to get involved

  • Scammers

The best tool that you have for this is your cell phone because it will always be with you. Answer phone calls immediately and write down everything the person tells you including:

  • Why the person thinks it’s your dog

  • His name, address, phone. You need to contact him to give him the reward AFTER you recover your dog.

  • Time of day he calls you

  • Location of the person calling you (if he will give it)

  • Description of person or persons who have your dog (if it is a witness or someone wanting the reward)

  • Description of car if applicable

    • Make

    • Model

    • List Item 2.3

    • Make

    • Model

    • Color

    • License plate number and state

    • What direction they were headed if they are driving

    • License plate number and state

    • What direction they were headed if they are driving

  • Any other pertinent information, such as, “He just went into Apartment 6 at 444 Main Street.”

You are going to ask the caller for a more complete description of your dog. HE is going to have to tell YOU what your dog looks like. Do not ask him any leading questions such as, “Does he have white speckles on his right front paw?” or “Does his left ear stand up and the right one folds over?” Instead, ask if there is anything different about the markings on his legs or something about any features on his head, face, or ears.

Then ask him something specific that you know is incorrect, such as, “Does he have a white blaze on his chest?” If the person says yes, you know it’s not your dog.

Be courteous and act thankful on the phone even if he asks for a reward. If you act suspicious and the person has information, you may scare him off.

If someone has seen your dog, then you must go immediately because the thief could leave. Again, DO NOT GO ALONE. Make sure it is not a scam. More later on scams.




Contact law enforcement immediately and have them meet you at the location. If law enforcement will not go with you, take a friend. Do not go alone and do not confront the person.

Alternately, observe the area and get any identifying information you can and then call law enforcement. Tell them that you have located your dog who has been stolen and you need their assistance immediately.

DON’T PAY ANYONE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU PHYSICALLY HAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR POSSESSION. He may give you a plausible story as to why he does not have the dog with him so you’ll pay him the reward. (Remember, scammers are con artists and they are good at their jobs of conning you.) If you pay him the money and then go to the place he told you, your dog will not be there.

If someone is a witness or gives you information where to find your dog, then get their contact information and give them the reward AFTER you have your dog. Remember that the reward is for information leading to the recovery of your dog.

Because this article is so long, it’s broken up into sections. Just a reminder, if you email me at I will send you the entire booklet in PDF.

Thanks for visiting Finding Stolen Dogs - Responses to your Ad. I make a small commission on any products or books I recommend.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. It does not replace a consultation with a dog trainer, dog behavior consultant, or veterinarian and may not be used to diagnose or treat any conditions in your dog.

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